Weekly Food Log #1

21 Jan

This week during class we discussed more or less where our food came from and how the industry of food affects the farmers. In the grand scheme of things, the companies screw the farmers out of their money. To make money, they need to be able to produce the food right? Well if they want to make more money they would have to become more efficient. To do so they must spend money to buy the technology to make them more efficient, but it is a continuous cycle. Because there will always be something newer and better to make farm work more efficient which would have the potential to increase the farmer’s income, but to get it they have to spend money. Makes perfect sense. And yet it’s this idea that has made me feel like I want to spend more time looking for locally grown foods than from the big market stores.
I like knowing where my food comes from; I like knowing that it is locally grown especially. After all, fresh tomatoes from your own garden taste better than the ones you could buy in the store, at least in my own opinion. Farmer’s markets are one of the ways that allows people to help out the small farmers because there, the farmers can sell their food directly to us and not be under the thumb of some company if they do not want to be. The food is fresh, which normally means it tastes better, and it is a small way that people can help farmers. I have no problem spending just a bit more money on vegetables at a farmer’s market, if it helps the people who grow food for a living, or even just to help out with their income. This week of class had made me want to become more aware of where our food is coming from, and to buy more locally grown food, than food from the big businesses.

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