Weekly Response #1

21 Jan

After reading the post on www.foodpolitics.com about Paula Deen and her diabetes, I have to say I am a tad bit shocked at the viewpoint of the article.  The article seems to have the stance of she should just not take the medication or be a spokes person for it, but should promote a healthier lifestyle with her show.  However, while I do understand why they would like her to do that, more than likely it would affect the show negatively, there is always that chance.  Why?  The show has been on for years and has always been about the same thing: Southern home style cooking.  Yes, everything is made with butter.  Yes it is not healthy for you.  And yes, she could make the recipes more healthy, but why?  Because she has type 2 diabetes?  Her show is about cooking, her style, while unhealthy, is her own style.  It is why people love her.  I’m not one to argue with the fact that perhaps she could be healthier, but it is also her choice.  Not to mention if they want a show where her recipes are healthy, they can just turn to the show that her son now has called “Not My Mama’s Meals” where he takes her recipes and makes them ‘better’ (aka healthy).

As for their reaction to the medication she is on, all I really have to say about that is all medication has restrictions and risks.  If the FDA approved it, then they do have their right to criticize it, but the fact is it was approved.  It has risks that they list, but all medications do, turn on the TV you’ll see at least one commercial about a medication and within that commercial the risks and side-effects will be listed, as it is required by the FDA.   The post from foodpolitics was interesting to read, and showed their own opinion about the subject, to which I responded with my own opinion.

One Response to “Weekly Response #1”

  1. socoffoodsu January 28, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    I’m glad I can count on you to stand up for Deen. We’re having a debate about just this issue later in the course!

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