Food Log #2

28 Jan

So let me start out this week’s weekly food log by saying that I do love animals.  I honest to god do and I always will.  However, I also love eating meat.  In class we watched various videos of animals in slaughterhouses and the down right cruel treatment they received.  While I know a bunch of other people who would have probably stopped eating meat then and there, not wanting to know that the meat they used to eat on a daily basis comes from animals that are treated so cruelly.  Did I?  No.  Today I still ate meat at lunch, and at my job (I work in the dining hall) I cooked the burgers without fuss.  The videos horrified and disgusted me, made me want to do something, but while at school, short of becoming a vegetarian, there’s nothing much I can do besides try and inform others.  Throughout the day every time I was eating or touching meat, I thought about the animals, about what they had gone through and there was one or two times I wondered why I still ate meat.

Honestly?  It is because I do love eating it.  I hate how the animals are treated.  I hate that they have to suffer needlessly just for us humans to have a full plate of food.  I want to do something about it, and I plan to suggest to my parents to not buy ham from Smithfield, and try and get more meat that has been humanly treated.  It will be hard, and they may not understand why at first, but perhaps after I talk to them, tell them what I saw in the videos, maybe they’ll understand.  I know I will be telling all my friends about it.  I will always love animals, and I’ll always eat meat, but that does not mean I approve of how the animals are treated.

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