Weekly Response #2

28 Jan

For the weekly blog response I read a story on the Food Safety News blog titled “USDA Revamps School Nutrition.”  For me, I always thought that a healthy diet was important for children, even more so after I became more aware of situations in my home state of Connecticut.  I know the situation could be just as bad else where.  Children eat what they like, and what they like currently is the unhealthy foods that cause them to gain weight.  Schools serve what kids want to eat, and what is cheap to buy, or at least I think a lot of them do.  However, at least in New Haven schools, there are some children that for them lunch is their last meal of the day (a fact I learned while watching the special lunch lady edition of Food Network’s Chopped) so if it’s not healthy and full of things that are bad for them, how does that help them in the least?  Well, the rules set up by the USDA seem to be able to fix it.

The new rules would require the schools to have more healthier foods, including doubling the amount of fruit and vegetables offered, more whole grains, reducing saturated and trans fats was well as sodium, offering skim or 1% milk, and portion sized based on the child’s age group.  It would provide the children with the proper nutrition at school, which, for a child who may only look forward to school lunches, it would be a life saving thing.  Another thing the blog mentions is the idea of Serve vs Offer which would allow children to pick what they want to eat out of three things, instead of being served something they might not want to.  For me, if I was told what to eat, and I didn’t like what was on my plate, I wouldn’t eat it.  Kids are picky, so by doing it this way, I agree with the blog where they say that it could get kids more involved with their diet and nutrition.  If kids get more interested in their food, more excited about it, they can start to learn good eating habits, which will help them in the long run.

I agree with this article and I am happy that the new rules are being put into effect.  It is my opinion that the rules will only help the children that live healthier lives.  It’s a step in the right direction at least.  I think it will take more work to help stop childhood obesity, but the USDA is going in the right direction.  I enjoyed reading this blog entry.

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