Food Log #3

4 Feb

This week we discussed the workers in the food industry, their treatment, as well as topics surrounding meat processing, and how much processed meat we actually eat.  This week has caused me to think more about where my food comes from in general and actually think about the conditions of the workers who process/harvest the food.  I mean, before it didn’t make a difference to me, food was food.  Yes I knew that someone somewhere had to grow and harvest it, but until this week I didn’t realize just how bad it was for the workers.  They are paid horribly for hard work, and treated poorly as well.  That honestly upset me.  I get that while they may be undocumented workers, they are doing the jobs that most Americans are too proud to do themselves.  If they are willing to do the work why not just let them, and at least pay them more reasonably, enough so that they could survive.  I get that it’s not a popular opinion, but this country was built by immigrants, they’re doing the work that few other people would actually willingly do.

As for the part this week about meat processing?  While at work at the grill station in the dining hall, every time I put the patties on the flat top I had a similar experience to what I was feeling last week after watching the videos of animals being slaughtered.  The entire time I was there I was thinking about where the meat comes from.  The conditions where the meat is processed are dangerous and people can die from the work because people want processed meat.  Is it worth the risk?  Personally, if it’s so dangerous I think they should just find a way to create a safer way to process the meat if we insist on eating it.  I don’t want to have to worry about the animals that are forced to suffer, or the workers who also suffer from poor treatment.  This week I’ve definitely been thinking more about the people who process the food, and those who work on the farm.  Both the animals and the workers should be treated fairly, instead of the way they are.

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