Food Log #4

11 Feb

This week we learned about food safety and honestly it made me think about the safety procedures for the food that we get from the store to eat, or the food in the dining hall.  Made me wonder if something that was frozen, like a burger patty, would retain the bacteria through the freezing process, and how come during cooking if it did have some sort of infectious disease would it not be killed from the heat?  It was that sort of thing that I was thinking about.  That and how fast a disease could spread across the campus if one of the student workers actually went to work with a cold, and I thought about this after having to call in sick to work twice with a bad cold.  I didn’t want to risk getting my germs to other people, which in a sense, could be considered a kind of food safety.

More over, I thought about the time my family was at a restaurant and my mom got food poisoning.  She was the only one who got it because she was the only one who ate something that no one else in my family ate.  She was sick for the entire night and most of the next day or two.  It got me thinking about food safety and how there really should be strict guidelines for food and food processing in general.  There are many risks from different food born illnesses that could survive the processing procedures.  Personally, I know that it would take a lot of time and effort, but I do not see why the processing plants cannot spend a bit of extra money to test the products before they are shipped out.  If they did that I think the risk of food born illnesses would be lessened.  Then again, when it comes to a matter of spending money I don’t honestly see anything happening.  I do believe that something needs to change to make our food safer to eat.

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