Food Log #5

18 Feb

This week we talked about the organic farming in one part of the class.  This got me thinking about what organic food means to me.  I understand that organic could be healthier I do, but just because it says organic does not mean that it is a better quality of product than say something that is home grown.  For example, why pay a premium for organic tomatoes when you can pay to buy a tomato plant and grow you own which, I know from experience, taste a thousand times better than anything you can buy in the store.  While I do understand that there are some things that you cannot get homegrown if you do not have a farm, such as milk, but as for vegetables it is not that hard to grow vegetables in your own backyard.  Organic comes at a price, they are quite often more expensive than other kinds of vegetables because they are ‘organic.’  That doesn’t mean that someone has to pay that price to get good tasting vegetables that have not been exposed to any harsh chemicals.  I’m all for growing your own vegetables, it takes work but this summer I fully intend to offer to help my mom with our vegetable garden; so long as I get a say in what is grown of course.  I’m normally not one for going out in the sun to do things, in fact I hate being outside in the heat, I burn way to easily but so far in class I’ve gotten more interested in growing my own vegetables.  I’m looking forward to it this summer.  And now for a few final words:

Nitwit.  Blubber.  Oddment.  Tweak.  Thank you.

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