Weekly Blog Response #5

18 Feb

For my weekly blog response I read a short article on Food Safety News titled “US and China Sign 5 Year Ag Agreement on Food Safety, Security.”  Since we covered it in class I figured that I would take a look at the article and see what the agreement was about.  The article was disappointingly short barely covering what was actually agreed upon more than guidelines that will help the relationship between the US and China and guide them for the next five years.  I had hoped that the article would actually state what the agreement on food safety and security was, but other than simply stating that there will be an opportunity for the two countries to collaborate on issues of food safety and advancing such technologies associated with it.  Honestly, from the title of the article I had expected more information about it, even more so since it’s from the Food Safety News blog.  Food safety has been an issue for countries with imports and exports, as we discussed in class not long ago, which is why my interest had been peeked with this reading.  I was just hoping that I would be able to read more about and what the details were.  This article was probably just giving a brief overview, stating that this had happened and that they are working on it, but personally, I believe that they should have had more information.  After all, food safety is a big issue, including how to regulate food safety during trading and such.  It’s an issue that I would be interested in knowing a bit more about, because we are two of the worlds largest countries and should be able to safely trade food with China.  I know my mom is always careful with products from China, and because of that I am too.  I wish this article had more information but it was still interesting to know that the US and China had reached this agreement.

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