Food Log #6

25 Feb

Today in class we talked about our culture tool kit in reference to food and discussed our different experiences with food.  My culture tool kit for food is so very mixed and honestly when it comes to my heritage the only really cultural food that my family eats that reflects our heritage is corned beef and cabbage.  We’re Irish but that is always the one Irish food I can name off the top of my head that we eat regularly.  Otherwise, the food that makes up the experiences in my tool kit includes a lot of different kinds of food from different cultures.  This includes several Norwegian cuisines.  My cousin married someone from Norway and when they moved back to the States, she brought with her, her own traditions.  My personal favorite would have to be the Norwegian waffles.  They’re thin, buttery, and you can eat them with just about anything.  However, there is one ingredient in them that makes them very hard to make: horn salt.  Not something that most people have in their kitchens but it is in mine.  That and a Norwegian cook book which I now want to go home and look at to see if there is anything in there that I could try making.  I’d love to expand my knowledge (and thus my toolkit) of food and food experiences and quite frankly I see using the fact that I have family in and from Norway as a good reason to try to cook some Norwegian dishes.  Hopefully they’ll turn out okay.  At least that’s what today’s class got me thinking about, and wanting to expand my cultural toolkit.

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