Weekly Response #6

25 Feb

For this weeks blog response I spotted an article that caught my attention called “The infamous Chipotle video: will it help get rid of gestation crates?”  It caught my attention mainly because I remembered the video of the pigs in the gestation crates and was completely disgusted by them, honestly I called home after that class and told my mom never to buy ham from Smithfield.  I read through the article and honestly made me hate the gestation crates even more.  Especially the list of reasons for why the companies could potentially use them, and even then, they are just cruel.  I agree with the overall idea of the article that the gestation crates should be done away with, and I do hold hope that the Chipotle video will provide more people with knowledge about the poor treatment of the pigs.  I haven’t seen the video but from the description provided by the author of this blog post, and a description of the response to the video was, it seems like it is a very plausible way to be able to raise awareness about this issue with the gestation crates, and how cruel they really can be to the sows who are placed inside of them.  Personally I think the video will work so long as it is available for many people, it will help spread awareness of an issue of animal cruelty.  It is something that the public, in my opinion, should be made aware about, and this video will help with that.










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