Food Log # 7

17 Mar

This week in class we started out talking about hunger in the world and it got me thinking about that sort of thing.  I realize that seem to focus more on hunger in the poorer countries, but I thought back to my experiences on SU’s SPLASH program that I went on before I came here as a freshmen.  On the trip we worked with homeless people, and at homeless shelters.  We helped make jams for a place in Sunbury, and then we spent the week in Washington D.C.  Honestly, that trip had more of an impact on me concerning hunger and the hungry in the USA then some of the videos.  That may not be the best choice of words, but it’s true.

In DC we spent a day making sandwiches to hand out to people.  We put them in paper bags, then hit the streets to hand them out.  I know the people were hungry, you could see it, but in my opinion there is no better way to help someone than to do it personally instead of through donations. We got to see the smiles on their faces and hear their stories while we gave them the sandwiches, and heard them thank us.  To me that made me more motivated to do something to help with hunger in the US than those videos did.  They were sad, yes, and they got their point across, but being able to help someone in the way I did on SPLASH had more of an impact.  This week in class had me remembering those experiences I had on the trip.

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