Weekly Blog Response #7

17 Mar

For this week’s food blog response, I read a blog called “U.N. Special Rapporteur: Five Ways to Fix Unhealthy Diets.”  It was an interesting blog to read and while I do think that the five points listed as ways to help fix unhealthy diets could work, there are problems that I do not think were fully addressed.  It mentions taxing junk food and unhealthy food and while that has the potential to work, there is still the issue of the price of healthy food.  A lot of food that is healthy in stores is also more expensive to purchase, for a family that may not have a lot of money (or a college student) the unhealthy option is sadly more available to them.  It makes sense, the five ways, but they need to realize that for each change they make there is the potential for a new problem to occur, and another problem to be realized before they are even able to see the effects of the changes, such as the high cost healthy food.  However, over all I found the article to be interesting to read as the ways made sense to me.

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