Food Log #8

24 Mar

So this week we talked about school lunches, particularly in relation to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  What struck me today in class was that while we were listing the barriers that Jamie Oliver faced and everyone was talking about them, I wasn’t sure if any of the others realized that those were the same barriers they would face if they tried to change things here on campus.  There’s the cost of the food, it’s more expensive to buy the amount of food fresh to feed the campus at all of the different locations that there are to eat.  Not to mention the fact that the cooks on campus have to continue to have food available during all of the hours they are open.  I understand that people on school, or at least the ones in the class, but they need to understand that there are people who work to make sure we all have food to eat in the dining hall each and every day.  It just makes me frustrated when people talk about it the way they do in class.  The workers there are some of the nicest people I have ever met, they work hard and it’s not their fault if people do not like the food.

I agree the quality of the food could be improved, but it is also college food, equivalent to school lunches.  The fact is the food could be worse and as far as college food goes, in my opinion it is good.

Though this is also just my opinion, and response to some of the things I heard today and have been hearing, and in response to the discussion we had of barriers that Jamie Oliver faced.

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