Weekly Blog Response #8

24 Mar

For the food blog response I read a short piece about a recall of mini chocolate chip cookies that have walnuts in them.  It was called “Allergen Alert:  Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts.”  They left the walnuts off the recipe, a labeling error, and no adverse reactions have been reported.  Honestly what struck me about this piece was that it could have relevance to what we viewed with Jamie Oliver.   I’m surprised that they were lucky enough to realize the error before anyone got seriously hurt.  Parents could have bought these cookies for their children, who, if they had nut allergies, could have been seriously hurt, if not killed due to allergies.

There are things that I think are wrong about this article, like the fact that it is so short and there’s so few details provided.  How did the labeling error happen?  How were they able to realize that there was a labeling error?  I feel like with the way things are with food production are and all the concern over food safety that something such as this would happen.  What if the cookies had been sent to a school?  How many children could have potentially ended up in the hospital?  I’m just stunned that something like this would happen, could happen with how many things are done by computers today, which I think is how they would be able to produce the labels.  It just stunned me really.

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