Food Log #9

31 Mar

I found that this week in class when we discussed what our parents thought was healthy food, how different everyone’s answers were.  All the answers were different, but there were similarities at the same time, such as what things on the TV said were healthy, vegetables and the like.  I mean in my family, the answers one of my mom gave were pretty similar to what other said.  Though the reason she gave for why she considers fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean-meats such as fish and turkey that she gave was that it is because it is what doctors say is healthy, and since she and my other mom both work in a medical profession they would know that sort of thing.

Yes sometimes we eat what is popular, such as Greek yogurt, but it always for the health benefits, since Greek yogurt has a lot of protein that is the main reason why we eat it.  But, what my parents consider healthy is also based upon what my brothers, as track and cross country runners, should eat and what one of my moms diets since she has diabetes.

Personally, I find it difficult to follow the rules of what is healthy to eat at school, because there’s just so many options, but I try and take my mom’s advice to try and eat portion sizes of foods.  That and to not ‘graze’ throughout the day.  Either way I found that that class was very interesting and I enjoyed hearing what other people said.

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