Food Log #10

14 Apr

Today in class we talked about GMOs and how they could or couldn’t help in Africa, as well as how it is partially our fault for why the Africans do not want to use the GMOs.  For example, in the US we are all afraid of eating GMOs to the point where we do not want to eat them.  We have a fear of them, of what has been spliced into the foods’ DNA that makes it different.  Despite the fact that there has been no studies showing adverse effects of GMOs we still do not want to eat them or have anything like them in our food.  Then, we go and expect the people in Africa to want to eat them?

Come on.  Are we that much of a hypocrite as a country to think that a poorer country would want to eat food that we are afraid to eat ourselves?  Honestly, there’s no reason why we should have to expect people to eat things that no one else wants to eat for ourselves.  I mean, yes it could possibly help them with starvation, but they would still have to be able to buy the food, which they can’t most of the time.  However, I do not blame them for not wanting to use them when we refuse to eat them ourselves.  At least that’s my opinion based on what we went over in class today.


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