Weekly Blog Response #10

14 Apr

For this week’s blog response, I read a blog titled “Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Strikes Three in Alaska.”  It is about how three people in Alaska got sick from PSP (Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning), but luckily all the three victims are recovering.  They had eaten shellfish that were locally harvested, and many shellfish run the risk of having the PSP.  It has nothing to do with the algae bloom that occurs in Alaska, and crabmeat is not known to have it, but crab guts can.  Commercially farmed shellfish has been tested and is clean.  The PSP is being considered a public emergency.

Personally, I am not all that surprised that something like this happened due to the fact that with eating shellfish and seafood from the sea always runs the risk of having something in it.  Between Red Tide, which you’re not suppose to eat seafood during, and the PSP, it makes more sense to eat shellfish that has been commercially farmed rather than fresh from the sea.  It also seems like it would be a safer choice than fresh.  As someone who very much loves to eat shellfish and seafood, this makes me more wary about what I am eating by far.  Even though we’re nowhere near Alaska, it’s better to be safe and cautious.


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