Food Log #11

21 Apr

Even though I did not participate in class today due to Day of Silence, I found the discussion very interesting.  I think that the ideas that people were talking about in terms of what could be changed at the café are reasonable ideas, my only issue is what could be the downside of it.  I mean, I’m sure there would not be a large one but at the same time there could be an increase in the cost of the food, which would be a bad thing.  But there are other issues too.  Making all the eggs from actual eggs that are cracked there in front of you would in crease the wait time.  Also, on the subject of how those eggs are stored during breakfast, they sit in a container, which is in a vat of ice/ice water.  They are kept cold, but I understand why people didn’t like it.  The complaints I heard were reasonable.

I agree that the dining hall should be more considerate of the dietary needs of the students, and I think that having more options available for them would be a wise idea.  More vegetarian, vegan, and foods that are specialized for those with special diets would be smart, and allow the dining hall to serve all people and not discriminate against them.

I hope that the people in charge are receptive to the suggestions because they can only help.


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