Weekly Blog Response #11

21 Apr

I’ve already written about raw milk in a previous blog response due to the fact that I am a milk lover to the point where my parents joked that I would go through withdrawal if I did not have milk.  Anyways, once again I’m on the subject of raw milk after reading an article on foodsafetynews.com called “E. Coli Case Count in Missouri Rises to 14; Raw Milk Implicated.”  In essence the article talks about how there has been an outbreak of E. Coli that has been possibly linked to raw milk, though the Missouri Department of Health has not confirmed an official source of the problem.

Here’s my opinion about it.  All the articles about these outbreaks are short, what I want to know is why raw milk is so dangerous.  What makes it that way?  If people know it is dangerous why do they still drink it?  Honestly, even with my love of milk, I don’t think I would risk it.  I mean I would do a lot of information first and such, but even then I don’t think it would be a smart choice to drink raw milk, and that’s what I’ve learned from reading articles such as these.


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