Food Log #12

28 Apr

Personally, I have no idea what to write for this food blog since in class we watched people present about our research projects.  Everyone seemed to have very interesting topics that they were doing their research projects on.  I liked the ones about how students would like to eat healthier if it was easier for them to on campus, or something along those lines.  I know that I try and eat healthy but it is very hard to eat healthy in the dining hall, and in my dorm room where I have a bunch of snacks and such.  At home, I find that it is much easier to eat healthy than while I’m at school despite my best efforts to eat healthy at school.

And tonight at work I made an observation, that when there is a variety of fresh fruit people will eat it.  There were fresh strawberries tonight and I kept seeing people take bowls of strawberries (it was a slow enough night that I was actually paying attention to this).  The lady at the salad bar had to keep refilling the strawberries.  To me, this just seems like a tad bit of proof that people will eat fruit and that perhaps more of a variety would have people eating more fruit in the dining hall.


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