Weekly Blog Response #12

28 Apr

For this week’s blog response I read an article about sushi and food poisoning tilted “Multistate Outbreak Linked to Raw Sushi Grows to 200 Cases.”  The sushi was contaminated with Salmonella and has caused 200 cases throughout the US.  It is from a particular kind of product in the sushi called ‘tuna scrape,’ and it is that that has been in the sushi that people have gotten ill from.  This just brings to mind the articles I have responded to about raw milk and quite frankly it is making me want to stay away from raw milk and raw seafood do to the fact that these outbreaks keep seeming to revolve around ‘raw’ food, or at least milk and seafood. I have never liked sushi and now after reading this article I don’t plan on trying it any time in the near future unless it is the kind that does NOT have raw seafood.  However, the CDC has at least made sure that there was a recall of the infected tuna, which means that hopefully there would still be no more cases of people getting sick.  It’s incredible though how fast and how far spread the outbreak is, and it shows just how important better food safety laws are.


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